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Many business processes involve creating, editing and sharing digital content within a company, or between a company and its customers. Organizations of all kinds are increasingly well-equipped to manage their back-offices, standardizing around office automation tools, CRMs and ERPs.

But many still fall short when it comes to mobile workers, who could be more productive in the field if they used tablets with styluses.

Unfortunately, none of the popular corporate platforms allow the integration of handwritten content.

This article presents a proof of concept (POC) we built to investigate how our digital notebook app, Nebo, could increase the productivity of sales reps while easily integrating the information they collect into back-office systems.

For the POC, we focused on effective integration between Nebo and Salesforce, a tool we use at MyScript. This meant we could test our POC in real-world sales scenarios and refine our internal procedures in the process.

Making sales more efficient

The efficiency of sales is critical for any company and impacts staff and teams from the reps themselves through to Sales Administration, Finance, Legal and Customer Support. It’s therefore critical that all customer and business information can be easily shared and maintained across and between these stakeholders.

Sales automation platforms (CRMs) are key to managing this process. MyScript uses Salesforce and strives to make sure that all relevant business information is properly stored and maintained.

One challenge we face is how to capture “informal” content, like customer meeting notes that sales reps might typically keep to themselves simply because they would take too long to retype back at their desk.

The first and easiest move, therefore, was to mandate the use of Nebo for note-taking during customer meetings. No one knows better than us how much quicker and cleaner note-taking and note-sharing become with Nebo! But our POC was to go one step further, and demonstrate how Nebo content could integrate with Salesforce.

The concept in action

In the POC, a manager prepares a meeting in Salesforce and automatically generates a personalized Nebo page template containing key info such as date, company, attendees etc. The sales rep can then download this template directly to their tablet or smartphone while on the move.

During the meeting, the template serves as the base for the meeting notes taken by the sales rep. And immediately after the meeting, the sales rep pushes the captured information back to Salesforce, where it is automatically filed in the proper location in both PDF and .Nebo formats. The dual formats ensure that the content is both easily accessible and editable, if necessary.

The internal feedback on our POC has been uniformly positive, with sales reps acknowledging the benefits of:

· obtaining automatic templates based on Salesforce data, and

· being enabled to swiftly and easily file completed content in the right account area within Salesforce.

Next steps in the enterprise journey

Our POC is obviously not designed to be used exclusively by MyScript, and should be of interest to any company that has already started to deploy handwriting-enabled devices among their sales teams, and wants to further streamline the sales process. It will also appeal to Sales Automation and ERP providers who want to support the growing trend for digital handwriting.

Of course, the POC covers one use case, and there are many others both within sales and more globally — especially when it comes to supporting the activities of mobile workers creating or updating content in the field.

Moreover, it’s not simply a case of leveraging Nebo: with MyScript SDK, it’s possible to integrate handwritten content into back-office systems in many other powerful and versatile ways.

Want to learn about MyScript’s AI-powered handwriting recognition or get info on making Nebo part of your workflow? Contact us!

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