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Take smarter, more beautiful notes with the only app that makes handwriting as powerful as typed text.

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  • Boost productivity

    Turn handwritten notes into professional documents with the world's best write-to-text conversion.

  • Annotate documents

    Add PDFs to your notebooks, mark them up and export to PDF with your annotations in place.

  • Get creative

    Write and draw freely on an infinite canvas, then copy content for reuse on other pages or in other apps.

Discover Nebo

Designed for work, study and life

From boardroom to lecture hall, project plan to daily diary, Nebo makes note-taking smarter, more efficient and more enjoyable.

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What’s new
Nebo 3.1

  • New marker tool for highlighting

    The marker introduced for imported PDFs in Nebo 3.0 is now available in regular pages as well as freeform pages and sections.

  • Import and annotate Word and PowerPoint documents as PDFs

    You can now import Word and PowerPoint documents into your notebooks as PDFs, ready to mark up. When you're done, you can export to PDF with all annotations in place.

  • Eraser enhancements

    You can now adjust the width and behavior of the eraser. You can choose to erase only the content you define (precise eraser) or entire strokes/shapes at once (stroke eraser).

  • Amazing app for iPad Pro (App Store)
  • Perfect with Apple Pencil (App Store)

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