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Discover how Nebo helps engineers maximize the value of their notes.

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Smarter note-taking

Nebo keeps pace with your skillset, ensuring that highly specialized words, work and workflows are no barrier to productivity.

Technically literate

Handwrite and annotate in any of 66 languages, adding custom terms and technical words to your personal dictionary to ensure accurate recognition.

Math support

Add a math object to a Document to handwrite mathematical formulas. When you're done, convert to typed text or copy to a LaTeX editor. Nebo can even resolve simple calculations for you.

No retyping

Create handwritten task lists and status reports, edit freely using intuitive gestures, then convert to typed text and share with your team - there's no need to transcribe.

June 2021 planning

Use a diagram object to map concepts and solutions by hand, then convert them to typed text and perfect shapes. Diagrams remain editable after converting - and even when pasted into PowerPoint.


Every use case, covered

Nebo offers note-taking solutions for every scenario, from mapping architecture and marking up proposals to creating responsive, shareable documentation.

Experiment freely

Sketch ideas and solutions on the infinite canvas of a Note, then copy content for reuse in Nebo or another app.

Import and annotate

Need to mark up specs and designs? Add any existing PDF, .docx or .pptx file to a Nebo notebook, ready to annotate.

Create content faster

Minimize the delay between idea and execution by converting handwriting, math and diagrams to typed text and perfect shapes, then sharing with colleagues.

iPhone screenshots

Nebo's page types are designed to complement each other. While each has its particular strengths and features, you can copy/paste content between pages in a couple of taps.


Own your information

Your notebooks are vital sources of information, which is why Nebo offers powerful ways to keep them organized, integrated and accessible.

Global search

Instantly search your entire library, including annotations. You'll never lose track of an idea again.

Cloud syncing

Sync your library to Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox to access your content anywhere, anytime.

Fuss-free sharing

Share work easily by exporting to PDF, text or .docx. Alternatively, share copies of pages to private web links so contacts can view them in any browser.

Context menu on iOS

Combine Notes, Documents and imported PDFs in a single notebook, making it easy to organize your projects.

I've tested a few apps and Nebo is now my first choice for my daily work journal. A separate folder for each month and notebook for each day helps keep me organized.

Extremely useful for taking notes and writing technical documentation! I love this app and use it for day-to-day notes, school and work! Great work!

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