Human Resources Executives

Make paperwork more productive

Find out how note-taking with Nebo optimizes organization and efficiency.

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Master your data

Because your notes are vital, Nebo offers smart solutions to ensure you stay in control of your information.

Always on hand

Nebo provides a single, easy-to-navigate and always-accessible hub for your content. Use simple drag-and-drop to arrange content within your library.

Effortless search

Search all your content at once – including handwriting and annotations. With Nebo, you’ll never lose track of what you need.

Cloud sync

Using different devices in different situations? Access your content on any compatible device by syncing your library to Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox.

June 2021 planning

Each Nebo notebook can contain unlimited pages of various types – Notes, Documents and imported PDFs. It’s easier than ever to keep your projects in order.


Work, don’t rework

Whether you're annotating resumés, minuting meetings or mapping team structures, Nebo maximizes efficiency by making handwritten content convertible and reusable.

Transform your note-taking

Use Nebo's world-leading write-to-text conversion to turn handwritten content into professional documents in just a couple of taps.

Illustrate your thinking

Use a diagram object to hand-draw org charts or training models, then convert to typed text and perfect shapes, ready to insert in presentations or attach to emails.

Review and comment

Import any PDF, then annotate freely – ideal during interviews and meetings where it’s more efficient to mark up existing documents.

iPhone screenshots

Converted diagrams remain editable even after pasting them into PowerPoint presentations! Last-minute edits are nothing to worry about with Nebo.


Be a team player

Nebo builds bridges between your content and the wider team, for effortless communication and feedback.

Export options

Nebo lets you export your content to Word, PDF or text formats, ready to share via email or messaging apps.

Share via web link

Publish a copy of a page to a private web link with full access control, so chosen contacts can view your work from any web browser.

Copy and reuse

You can copy/paste content between pages in Nebo or into other apps, like Slack or Microsoft Teams. When pasted into other apps, handwriting and diagrams will auto-convert.

Context menu on iOS

If your colleagues use Nebo too, they can edit any .nebo file shared with them via export or private web link - then reshare it with you.

The best to take notes and convert them to text. I want to use it to save my interview transcripts.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the king of the iPad apps. This is the app that has finally enabled me to ditch paper notebooks. Five freaking stars!