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Note-taking designed for performance

Nebo puts your notes at the heart of a more joined-up, effective workflow.

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Better notes, better results

Nebo empowers you to create richer, more flexible content that you can easily turn to a multitude of uses, shortening time-to-market and helping you meet your KPIs.

Smarter workflows

Don't lose time transcribing. Handwrite notes in client meetings and during calls, then instantly convert them to typed text back at your desk.

Idea visualization

You're free to express ideas as text, diagram or sketch. Hand-drawn diagrams convert to perfect shapes and remain editable when pasted into PowerPoint presentations.

Document mark-up

Your notes don't have to start with a blank page. With Nebo, you can import existing documents like sales reports and pitch decks as PDFs, then annotate freely.

June 2021 planning

In a regular page, you can use a math object to handwrite and solve simple calculations without leaving the app.


Get a digital advantage

Nebo's intuitive document management system ensures you have access to all your information, all the time.

Instant search

Need to locate a specific idea, insight or quote? Nebo lets you search your entire library - handwriting included.

Easy organizing

Arrange all your material into notebooks and collections using simple drag-and-drop - you'll never lose track of your notes again.

Cloud sync

Sync your library with Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox to view and access up-to-date notes on compatible devices.

iPhone screenshots

Looking for something in an annotated PDF? Don't worry: Nebo's search even includes hits from your document annotations.


Great for teams

A suite of tools and features turn your notes into focal points for consensus-building and collaboration.

Effortless export

Nebo keeps teams connected, with easy export and sharing of pages in PDF, HTML, Word or text formats.

Sharing via web

Publish pages to private web links so your contacts can view them in a web browser. Nebo gives you full access control over your published notes.

Copy and convert

Copy content between pages and into other apps, such as message clients or CRM software. When pasted outside Nebo, handwriting and diagrams will auto-convert.

Context menu on iOS

Collaborate more closely. If your colleagues use Nebo, they can import and edit a copy of your notes when published via web link or exported as .nebo files.

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