Project managers & Team leaders

Enhance productivity from project planning to execution

For project managers, the flow of information never stops. Stay on top of tasks and lead your team more effectively with Nebo's smart note-taking solutions.

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Simplify your workflow

Reduce complexity and boost outputs with Nebo’s advanced note-taking and instant write-to-text conversion.

All your notes in one place

Nebo is an end-to-end solution for creating, organizing and sharing content. Cut the hassle of note-taking across multiple apps and scraps of paper.

No more retyping

Don’t waste precious time transcribing meeting minutes, action items and query lists. Nebo converts handwritten notes to tidy, typed content in two taps.

Stay organized on the move

Every error can be instantly corrected, every word easily searched – and it's the work of a moment to sort, sync or back up your content, for added peace of mind.

June 2021 planning
A busy site manager travelling the country, juggling reams of notepads wherever I go, I was pleasantly surprised after being recommended this app by the Apple store. Allows me to separate my different work-sites, personal affairs and home projects into separate ‘notebook’ folders, I find my work bag much lighter nowadays!

Save time by hand-drawing mind-maps and workflows in Nebo, then convert them to perfect shapes and copy-paste into Keynote or PowerPoint.


Adapt Nebo to your needs

Swift gestures and smart formatting make note-taking faster and more flexible – freeing you to focus on other priorities.

Switch inputs seamlessly

You're often on the move, so Nebo doesn't restrict how you take notes. Write with a pen, type with a keyboard or dictate – it's all text to Nebo.

Multi-platform support

Nebo works with any pen on iPad, Chromebook and compatible Android and Windows devices. Whichever OS or devices your team uses, Nebo will meet you there.

Write in your own language

Nebo offers the best handwriting recognition of any app, supporting 66 languages. You can even train Nebo's dictionary to recognize specialized terms.

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Best Note Taking App

Information moves fast and it can be tough to keep up. Use a Note to create content quickly with no constraints on structure or placement.


Stay connected

You can do great things, but you can’t always do them alone. Luckily, Nebo enables the rapid, reliable sharing of your notes.

Cut information lag

Instant write-to-text conversion lets you share handwritten content moments after jotting it down.

Keep data flowing

Copy-paste content to and from other apps as required, and instantly export everything to major file formats including Word, PDF and plain text.

Remote viewing

Share a copy of your content with co-workers via a unique web link, with full access control.

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Tried many other note-taking apps, this is unique in many ways. Overall, very productive for me. Definitely try it, the project management is better than any other.

Remote working? If a team member has Nebo installed on their device, they can edit any content shared or exported in our .nebo format.

Excellent written recognition. Plus easy editing capabilities. Very pleased with being able to conveniently take notes and then export them to Word, etc. Allows for easy sharing between all team members.

Tried many other note-taking apps, this is unique in many ways. Overall, very productive for me. Definitely try it, the project management is better than any other.