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From library to lecture hall, students and academics perform better with Nebo.

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Notes that work harder

Nebo combines the educational benefits of writing by hand with the power and versatility of digital content.

Smarter note-taking

Write, type, dictate, illustrate: Nebo lets you shape richer content in 66 languages. You can even mix English and a second language on the same page.

Natural editing

Don't break your flow when you make a mistake or revise a thought - use Nebo's intuitive gestures to scratch out errors, emphasize wording, add spacing and more.

No more transcribing

Don't waste time retyping: with Nebo, you can accurately convert handwriting to typed text in just a few taps.

The Civil Rights movement
Great for students (even with bad handwriting)

Use Nebo's smart objects to create diagrams and math by hand, then convert them to perfect shapes and typed calculations.


Smarter solutions

Nebo's freeform page offers new scope for rapid data capture and creative ideation.

Create more freely

Enjoy a zoomable canvas that expands with your content – perfect for project planning, brainstorming or sketching ideas.

Work more quickly

Benefit from fast, unstructured note-taking in lectures and debates. Write and draw freely anywhere on the page – you'll never miss a thing.

Reuse content easily

Copy freeform content for reuse in a regular Nebo page. Text, diagrams and math stay convertible, and will auto-convert when pasted into another app.

Periodic table of elements
It’s completely changed how I take notes. I’m able to just write my notes and this app converts them to text with at least 99% accuracy. This is even more impressive considering that I can't even read my handwriting half the time. When it does get things wrong, it’s really easy to fix. I cannot recommend this app enough!

Working with course materials and worksheets? Import any PDF, .docx or .pptx file into Nebo and mark up by hand, then export to PDF with all your annotations in place.


Better content control

When you're done taking notes, Nebo offers powerful options for managing and sharing your work.

Instant sharing

Need feedback from your study group? Export notes to Word, PDF, HTML or text, copy/paste content into other apps or publish your work to a private URL.

Effortless syncing

Keep your notes up-to-date and accessible from anywhere by syncing your library with iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Paperless organizing

Organize your notes digitally for maximum efficiency. Nebo lets you color-code your notebooks and arrange them into collections you can manage via drag and drop.

Context menu on iOS
Excellent app, great price

If you need to share notes in a hurry, copy/paste the required content into a messaging app. Your handwritten text and hand-drawn diagrams will auto-convert to typed text and perfect shapes!

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