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Nebo makes writing happen

From research notes to final draft, discover how Nebo can super-charge the writing process.

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Put pen to page

Enjoy the cognitive benefits of writing by hand alongside the power and flexibility of typed text.

Choose your method

Write, type or dictate in any of 66 languages. Nebo lets you switch inputs seamlessly and makes handwriting as editable and powerful as typed text.

Easy editing

Edit and format content using swift, natural gestures like scratching out to delete or underlining to emphasize. There's no need to break your flow.

Accurate conversion

Handwriting converts to typed text in a couple of taps, removing the need to transcribe and ensuring you're only ever moments away from shareable content.

June 2021 planning

Last-minute edits aren't an issue with Nebo. A Nebo Document is responsive, automatically reflowing your text to accommodate changes in layout and orientation.


Effortless ideas

Nebo offers solutions for every step in the writer's journey - including sketching ideas, recording inspiration and annotating research materials.

Think freely

Use a Nebo Note to map ideas and plan anything from your next blog post to an entire novel. You can write or draw freely on a canvas as limitless as your imagination.

Illustrate your content

Add photos and sketches to illustrate your content or serve as touchpoints for inspiration. After all, it's often easier to write about something you can see.

Smart annotation

Doing research? Nebo lets you import existing PDFs to any notebook, ready to mark up with editable and searchable annotations.

iPhone screenshots

Draft content in one page, finished article in another? Copy-paste content between pages and even into other apps. Handwriting remains convertible - and auto-converts when pasted outside Nebo!


Own your information

A well-ordered library makes it easy to source and share facts and inspiration whenever needed.

Personal archive

Arrange your content into color-coded notebooks and collections - all of which are searchable and easy to recategorize via drag-and-drop.

Sync to cloud

Keep your content accessible across compatible devices by syncing to Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox.

Swift sharing

Export notes to Word, PDF or text or share via web link with full access control. Sharing with editors and collaborators is simple with Nebo.

Context menu on iOS

Nebo's global search will return hits from all your content - including handwriting and PDF annotations. You'll never misplace info again!

I love this app. It is by far the best notebook app I have tried. I am a writer and handwrite everything before I take my books to the computer - and this has made my life! The diagramming is also an awesome feature for my story layouts! I also love that this app can actually decipher my scribble and allows me to transport the file. One of the best apps for the pencil and for me! Bravo!

I am a fiction author who prefers to write my first drafts by hand, most of the time. Occasionally, I will dictate part of a scene to speed up the process and sometimes I feel like typing using a mechanical keyboard. Nebo allows me to switch back and forth with ease. I now have no excuse for not getting my writing done. Thanks so much for the wonderful updates!