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Both Nebo and its underlying interactive ink technology are designed to improve the productivity not only of individuals but of teams and companies.

A couple of months ago, we highlighted how sharing Nebo notes via the cloud can make teams more productive. But there’s more.

Nebo for Organizations

We recently launched Nebo for Organizations, a service designed to ensure companies can deploy Nebo effortlessly and efficiently at any scale.

Nebo for Organizations enables companies to provide Nebo to their employees without the burden of managing individual transactions on the various app stores — an important consideration when you consider the variety of devices to serve. Indeed, employees may want to access or edit their notes via several devices with different operating systems — for example, via a smartphone or tablet while on the move, and via a laptop at their desk.

Nebo for Organizations empowers companies to meet these needs rapidly and reliably.

With Nebo for Organizations, a company can register for a corporate account and take out an annual subscription for ‘packs’ of Nebo users (with a minimum of 100 users).

Our admin tool makes it easy to distribute these user licenses among employees and to manage user accounts as necessary. All registered employees receive a link to download Nebo with all the app’s premium features already unlocked — and on up to five different devices.

The first iteration of Nebo for Organizations allows companies to easily access the benefits of Nebo within enterprise operational constraints, and to extend productivity gains beyond the purely personal — for example, through note-sharing.

Next steps

Now that Nebo can be quickly and easily deployed at enterprise scale, we’re investigating other ways to enhance productivity at team and company levels.

In a future article, we’ll present a proof of concept we built using Nebo and Salesforce to show how integrating MyScript handwriting tech can enhance enterprise business processes.

Other plans include:

· Adding services to to further facilitate collaboration around Nebo content.

· Finding new and powerful ways to integrate Nebo content into enterprise workflows, so that professional users can enjoy the best of both worlds: a natural and versatile way of capturing or creating information (especially for mobile workers), and more effective organizational management of that information in service of the business’s wider objectives.

Our ambition? For Nebo and interactive ink by MyScript to become essential tools in the race toward full digitization and increased competitiveness. Stay tuned for further announcements!

Want to learn about MyScript’s AI-powered handwriting recognition or get info about Nebo for Organizations? Find out more.

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