See what’s new since version 1.9

  • 2.4

    • Publish

      Share your notes on Limit access to a list of contacts or allow anyone to view your note.

    • Draft BetaiOS

      Create sections to quickly mix all kinds of content. Copy it later to any page or other apps.

    • Lasso BetaiOS

      Quickly and precisely select content to move, resize or copy it.

  • 2.3

    • Keyboard

      Type or dictate to add text without using your pen. Edit existing text with the keyboard, whether it is handwritten or converted.

    • Text selection

      Select parts of paragraphs or multiple blocks. Change the color of your text with a simple tap on the color bar or make it bold.

    • Copy/paste

      Paste external text in Nebo, and copy from Nebo to any other app.

  • 2.2

    • Insider program

      We’ve been crafting innovative new features, and we’d love to offer you early previews. So today we’re launching the Insider program to give you an inside look while these features are being refined.

  • 2.1

    • More page management options

      Duplicate or name your pages. Pages now stay open while you sync.

    • Enhanced writing experience

      Benefit from the latest innovations in MyScript Interactive Ink.

    • Simpler recognition language settings

      Easily update recognition languages right from the app settings. South African English is now also recognized.

  • 2.0

    • Better note management

      Notebook pages are now displayed as a grid for faster navigation and page reordering. Handling your notes has never been easier.

    • New library

      With all your notebooks and collections available in the side panel, intuitively move pages between notebooks using drag and drop.

    • Smarter recognition

      Thanks to all users who chose to share their notes with us! An enriched engine recognizes your writing even better.

    • Support for 6 new languages

      Cebuano (Philippines), English (Philippines), Filipino (Philippines), Malagasy (Madagascar), Spanish (Colombia), Swahili (Tanzania).

    • Better search

      More easily find what you’re looking for with an improved search, covering your whole library at once.

  • 1.9

    • iCloud & Google Drive

      Sync now supports even more cloud services, just pick your favorite.

    • Diagrams in PowerPoint

      Copy/paste fully editable diagrams to PowerPoint.

    • Quick tag menu

      Tap top-left icon of any text block to switch between title, subtitle and paragraph.